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Francine Humphrey     
Keynote speaker with an Inspirational genuine style that will have your audience asking for more.
                                                                 Looking for a presentation with style, great  information, a willingness to engage, and            the  promise to always focus on the task.                                                                                                                                                                        For availabilty contact us  by e-mail at:    icwdirector@


 Turn your event into the spectacular one you  really want. We make it easy for you, topics
 are geared to your worshop or conference.

After much thinking about this two words come to my mind, supportive and creative.
Since I met you, you have always supported my efforts and your creativity to our
programs warms my heart. It brings me great pleasure to know that I have a sister/
friend like you that can bring professionalism, support, and love to everything you do.
It is my honor and pleasure to work with you. I so look forward to our future as we work on other projects. V. McMillian, Life Coach

It is a privilege to extend to Francine Humphrey my sincere greetings in recognition of her many years of faithful service to her church, organization, community, and her family. I have had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Humphrey for over four years and have come to fully appreciate her unwavering commitment to serving others.
Unequivocally, Mrs. Humphrey possesses proven skills that are superior to most. She has proven time after time the ability to quickly analyze problems and achieve practical, workable solutions which no doubt increase the quality of life for everyone around her.

Moreover, Mrs. Humphrey is an inspirational spiritual advisor. Her ability to juggle spiritual and secular projects at one time exhibits her strong management abilities and time management skills. In short, her ability to exceed in any endeavor is highly likely due to her skillfulness, professionalism, and her strong inner faith, which allows her to connect to others.

On behalf of Harris & Associates, I express my sincere appreciation of your achievements and your continued dedication to serving others.P.J. Harris 

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